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Plastic-Free Farmhouse

This chemical-free farmhouse takes sustainability to the next level.

We can guarantee you've never seen a home like this.

Our clients had a clear vision of creating a home that would inspire their children's imagination and embrace their creativity. As a result, we incorporated some unique features that truly set this farmhouse apart. One of the exciting additions to the house is a dedicated lego room, providing the perfect space for little architects and builders to let their imaginations run wild. Additionally, a rope bridge was installed, connecting different parts of the home and creating a fun and adventurous experience for the whole family to enjoy. From the Loft floor you can take the hand-crafted timber frame stairs, or use the slide for a quick route to the main floor.

Fully embracing the beauty and versatility of timber, we incorporated fully structural timber framing throughout the house. This approach provided not only a visually striking aesthetic but also a durable and long-lasting structure for our clients and their family to enjoy for generations to come. The timbers were hand-crafted from wood chosed specifically for their unique characteristics - large 24" wide crucks separate the dining and living rooms spaces. The staircase stringers naturally curve with the treads, and the knee braces look like tree limbs connecting the posts and beams.

To further enhance the sustainable aspects of the farmhouse, we used the Enerficient Wall System a pre-fab wall system with eco-friendly wood fibre insulation. This not only increased the energy efficiency of the home but also allowed for a quicker and more efficient construction process. Instead of using the standard OSB panels, the clients requested a glue-free alternative of 1x4 diagonal T&G strapping. By utilizing this innovative system, we were able to reduce waste, minimize the carbon footprint, and create a comfortable living environment for our clients.

The living room captures a beautiful south-facing view of the acreage. To utilize the sun exposure using passive house principals, a rammed-earth floor was installed to serve as a thermal mass to capture the heat of the sun, and slowly release it througout the night.

Designing this sustainable farmhouse that seamlessly integrates nature, creativity, and a plastic-free approach was truly a joy. We are grateful to our clients for trusting us with their vision and allowing us to create a space that will not only enrich their lives but also inspire others to embrace sustainable living.

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