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Rocky Mountain Walkout

A hybrid timber frame bungalow with aging-in-place accessibility

This beautiful home is a single level walk-out with vaulted timber frame ceilings, situated in the tranquil setting of Rural Rocky Mountain House.

In collaborating closely with our clients, we created a space that would not only meet their needs but also provide a welcoming environment for their children and grandchildren to visit. No-step entry into the home along with a single level floor layout means aging in place will be a comfortable option.

The vaulted timber frame ceilings add a touch of rustic elegance to the home, creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere. Natural light from the South-West views floods the space, making every corner warm and welcoming. With an open floor plan and thoughtful layout, we've ensured that there's ample room for everyone to gather, connect, and create lasting memories.

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