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Rustic Charm with Functional Farmhouse Living

A Barndo-what?

A barndominium (barn condominium), also known as a barndo, is a barn-like structure that has been partially or fully converted into a furnished home or living area. Barndominium designs usually include conversion of an existing barn into a full home consisting of a partial living area and partial shop area used for other purposes such as a workshop or garage space. Alternatively, barndominiums can be created from scratch to mimic the aesthetic of the traditional farm structures.

Barndominiums offer large, open-concept living areas with high/vaulted ceilings, providing opportunity for lofts and capturing acreage views. Due to their simplistic layout, these buildings typically offer an excellent cost-effective option for a home. By employing appropriate design and construction methods, they can achieve high levels of energy efficiency and readily transform into net-zero homes.

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